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  • Spell Candles

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    These candles are made with 100% beeswax with lead free cotton wicks.   Each is hand poured so each candle maybe slightly different in weight.  Beeswax candles burn brighter, longer and cleaner than any other candle, there is no oil or gasoline smell as with paraffin candles.  Trimming the wick to 1/4 inch assists in keeping your house soot and smoke free.  No scent is added, however beeswax candles have an awesome natural honey scent. All candles are infused with Reiki energy.  Note: Wax dye added for the coloring.

    These candles have been created specifically for Candle Magick, in which these magick rituals have been around for centuries. The each candle has a specific purpose. Each candle has the appropriate color, crystal and/or herbs to assist in the desired magick.   Custom orders are welcomed.

    Available Spell Candles:

    Abundance – A Copper candles with Peridot & Basil

    Calm - A Lavender candle with Amethyst & Lavender Buds 

    Grounding/Centering - A Brown candle with Black Tourmaline, Bloodstone & Sage

    Love - A Pink candle with Rose Quartz and Rose Buds 

    Meditation - A Blue candle with Selenite & Himalayan Salt

    Money – A Avocado Green Candle with Amber & Gold Flakes

    Passion – A Burgundy candle with Selenite & Rose Quartz

    Positive Energy – A Yellow Candle with Carnelian, Chamomile & Myrrh

    Protection - A White candle with Black Tourmaline, Rosemary & Dragon's Blood 

    Remove Negative Energy – A Black Candle with Fire Quartz & Frankincense