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  • Police Box Candle

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    These candles are replicas of British police box that were used by the police or the public to contact police. These were not ordinary call boxes but could be used by the Police as a mini police station, to take breaks, fill out paper work or even hold a prisoner until the transport arrive. The first police box was established in Glasgow in 1891, was red in color and made out of cast iron.  The science fiction series Dr Who made the MacKenzie Trench model police box popular as it was used as a time machine. 

    These candles are not time machines nor can they be used for taking breaks or holding prisons, but they can give you hours of wonderful candle light.   These candles are made of 100% beeswax and are unscented. 

    There are 2 sizes, Small and Large police box candles.The small police box is about 2.25 " Tall x 1.25" Wide x 1.25" Depth, whereas the large police box is about 4' Tall x 2.5" Wide x 1.25" Depth. The police boxes are typically made in the Royal Blue color with white painting. 

    HOWEVER, if you desire another color, like Red perhaps all you need to do is request it.  Scents can also be added upon request and I only use Essential oils for scenting my candles.