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Tealights - Single(s) or 6 Pack

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Please specify the color of the candle. If buying more than one specify each candle color, like both red or 1 black, 1 white and 1 red.

These candles are made with 100% beewax in a clear cup with lead free cotton wicks.   Each is hand poured so each candle maybe slightly different in weight.  Beeswax candles burn brighter, longer and cleaner than any other candle, there is no oil or gasoline smell as with paraffin candles.  Trimming the wick to 1/4 inch assists in keeping your house soot and smoke free.  No scent is added, however beeswax candles have an awesome natural honey scent. Clear cups are 100% recyclable.   All candles are infused with Reiki energy.  Note:  Wax dye added for the coloring.

These candles have many purposes from romantic lighting to Candle Magick, in which this magick rituals have been around for centuries.  The different colors of candles each have their own symbolism.  These tea lights have also been enhanced with crystals and/or herbs.  Custom orders are welcomed.   

Color Meanings

Black Banishes/absorbs negativity, assists in eliminating unwanted items, spiritual contact & communications  -  Represents the Crone
BlueVery calming effect, Tranquility,  peace , calm, patience, dreams, healing,  inspiration, truth, harmony reassurance &  protection during sleep -  Element of Water - realm of all water, sleep & twilight 
Brown Perseverance, attracts money & financial success, intuition & balance -  Element of Earth - use when working with earth elementals and anything to do with nature
Copper Passion, money goals, professional growth, &  fertility in business
Gold Success, power, intuition, understanding, divination, attracts higher influences, male energy - great for Sun Magick - Father God 
Green Abundance, wealth, prosperity, fertility, success, renewal & balance 
Orange Candle of positive energy - Attraction, adaptability, encouragement, control, clearing the mind  & attracting positive change 
PurpleEnhances physic abilities, wisdom, honor, protection, success & divination 
Red Health, energy, strength, passion, enthusiasm & courage - Element of Fire - Represents the Maid 
Silver Great candle for meditation, Removes negativity, victory, stability,  & develop psychic abilities - female energy -great for Moon magick - Goddess 
White Purity, spirituality, sincerity, protection & power of higher Nature - Represents the Maiden 
Yellow Intellect, confidence, communications, creativity, inspirations & sudden changes - Element of Air 
Pink Love, affection, friendship, self-love & spiritual awakening 
Lavender Spiritual and psychic development & divination 

The perfect balance of white &  black,  Banishes & repels  negativity , balance, neutrality, erasing, cancelling, neutralising, confusion 

Available Colors:
Antique Gold Rosemary 
Black Snowflake Obsidian 
Blue Sodalite
Blue - Dark Blue Lapiz 
Blue - LightBlue Kyanite 
Brown Sage 
Copper - Rust Pumpkin Spice 
Gold - Gold Sunstone 
GrayDragon's Blood 
Green Emerald 
Green - Dark Moss Agate 
Green - Light Peridot 
Ivory/Beige Chamomile 
Lavender Lavender Buds
Orange Carnelian 
PeachOrange Peel
Pink Rose Quartz 
Purple Amethyst
Red Amber 
Rose Rose Buds 
Silver - Gray Moonstone 
White Selenite